Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First Christmas

I was going to write an entry in a “Twas The Night Before Christmas” theme featuring Elijah as the mouse. Or maybe an entry featuring me as Scrooge and Eli as Tiny Tim. But then I realized I was waaayy too lazy for that level of creativity. So I’ll commemorate Elijah’s first Christmas as I commemorate everything, by writing a bunch of lame jokes.

Christmas went off without a hitch. We loaded up our Subaru to the brim, Grover seated comfortably in shotgun and we pointed south to Central Illinois.

A note about space. There is not an SUV, Minivan, Tractor Trailer or Space Shuttle that can hold all of the crap we have to lug around. I said a little prayer every time we backed up because the late Ray Charles had a better chance of seeing out our back window.

But miraculously, Eli had no major issues driving down. This, from a child who would cry if someone two towns over mentioned the words “car seat.”

And Santa granted my secret wish that there be no family drama. My dad’s Christmas was lovely. Great food, plenty of people to hold Eli while I ate said food. Hilarious brothers. For any single women HamannEggers out there, my brother Luke is single and about to become a dentist (cha ching). My mom’s Christmas was equally lovely. Grover didn’t eat the appetizers. My mom made her bean casserole (the secret is cream of mushroom soup) and Eli got to absorb lots of germs from his cousins.

Eli got lots of cool stuff. Including a Train that poops colored balls. It’s as if the toy manufactures were reading my blog.

The only bummer is Elijah has seemed to forget everything he learned about sleeping. He woke up at 4 this morning and is currently into his 44th minute of freaking out in his crib.

I hope you had a great Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever Snake Handlers do in December. I don’t have any Christmas photos to post because I’ve been too busy playing with my new iphone to load new ones (Diana is the best wife ever).

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