Monday, December 10, 2007

First Toof

Some of Elijah’s firsts are quick. Like first poop. Bam. Or first fever. Bam bam. First snow. Bam bam bam. But other firsts are more gradual. Much like the 15 pounds I’ve gained over the last month.

Like his first tooth. Well, he’s got one now. But it’s not like one morning he woke up and it was there. It took a while to show it’s little bony head. It was kind of not there, then kind of there, now it’s sort of a tooth but not really. More like a white, rough line on his gums. But it’s gradualness means when he’s older I won’t be able to say, “It was December 8th. A cold day. Cold and unforgiving like two-day-old McDonald’s…”

It’s a pretty cute tooth, though. I think I will call it “Jeff The Tooth.” Just think of how may pizzas Jeff will sink himself into. How many ice creams will make him hurt. How much delicious Crest will be spread across him. Will he get chipped? Will he get a cavity in him? Will he get punched out in a fight versus a bully? Or against his cousin Finn?

Come to think of it, he’s gonna fall out in a couple years and be replaced by a bigger better Jeff. I’m not going to get too close. I don’t want to get hurt.

I don’t have a photo of the tooth, er, Jeff. It’s too small. So enjoy this photo of Eli laughing like a lunatic.

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