Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Littlest Old Timey Banker

When you spend 28 hours a day with Eli as Diana does, you sometimes need to spice things up a bit to fend off boredom. For Diana, that means occasionally breaking out the hair gel and giving him a faux-mohawk. I voiced my displeasure at this loud and clear because I think it’s a form of abuse to purposely give your child a goofy hairdo. And faux-mohawks are so 2002.

But occasionally, Eli will give himself a goofy hairdo on his own, through the magic of bed head. Take this morning for instance. Elijah slept hard and woke up with a perfect part right down the middle of his head, giving him an Old Timey Banker hairdo. The only think he was missing was green visor. And the fact that his crib resembles a bank vault was icing on the cake.

While I was getting ready for work I kept asking him if he could convert my change into paper money. Diana was asking him if she could check her balance. Grover attempted to rob him, but his President Reagan mask fell off.

I got the impression that Elijah knew we were making fun of him. He kept scrunching up his nose and frowning when I asked for the key to the safe deposit box.

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