Friday, December 21, 2007

First Joke

Genetically speaking, Elijah has inherited some comedy chromosomes (2 “k” sounds, very funny). Diana happens to be one funny broad. Not in a mildly amusing Rita Rudner kind of way, but in an only-woman-in-the-world-who-can-make-me-laugh kind of way.

And me, well, how many people do you know who has written an award winning comedy Superbowl TV commercial? A TV commercial so funny that it caused the advertising client to fire the advertising agency. At least that’s how I remember it.

Needless to say, it’s not a matter of if Elijah will be funny, it’s a matter of when. Well, the child has made great strides in funny. With the invention of the face burp.

After every bottle, we burp Elijah. Because we don’t want him to pop. And usually, he discards his gaseous waste safely over my shoulder. But lately, right as the stinky, curdled milk bubble comes out he turns his face towards mine and launches it right into my nose.


This isn’t by accident. One time, yes. Twice is a coincidence. But now, he’s doing it just to see me gag. Diana seems to think I’m nuts, but I believe he’s invented his first joke.

Speaking of firsts, Marianna told me tonight that Elijah has almost figured out how to crawl. Expect a huge first blog soon.

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