Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome To The Monkey House

I know I mentioned this in the last post, but Elijah Steven Hamann is a completely different baby.

All of his acidy stomach, “I’d like to go back into the womb, please” fussiness has been replaced by this amazing little hilarious guy. I got home last night at 11pm (I was working, pray for me) and I found Diana changing Eli in his room, pre bottle.

I snuck over and peered over Diana’s shoulder. Eli saw me and instantly started his latest game of “How many different kinds of smiles are there?”

There’s the smirk.
There’s the sh*t eating grin
There’s the surprised, mouth wide-open smile
There’s the fake out frown that turns into a smile

The list goes on. Unfortunately, the game made him wide awake and Diana couldn’t get him calmed down to go back to sleep. Diana was cool about me ruining her night because if feels like I haven’t seen either one of them in three weeks. Wait. That’s because I haven’t seen them in three weeks. If we win this pitch I’m buying both of them a pony.

This morning I was watching my pre work news when I heard horrible shrieking coming from upstairs. I bounded up to see if Diana was holding Elijah up by his ears, which was the only plausible explanation for the shrieking.

I found Diana on our bed, laughing. Eli was on his back and he was…just shrieking. He’d shriek, Diana would laugh, he’d laugh and shriek again.

I can’t wait to get back to the monkey house.

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