Monday, August 20, 2007

Eli The Actor

Between work this weekend I managed to spend some time with Elijah in intense, two hour bursts. I’d rush home from making magic and try to entertain him as best I could before he needed to go to bed.

Friday, I started a new game where I’d grab him, hold him on his back and dip his head towards the ground while saying “Boo” in a hilarious voice. Elijah would laugh as if he was a fifteen-year-old watching “Caddy Shack” for the first time. Mental note: set DVD player to play “Caddy Shack” in 2022.

Cut to Saturday. I came home from work and grabbed Elijah for the Boo-Swinging game. He still laughed hysterically, but towards the end I detected a touch of forcedness in his laugh.

On Sunday, I tried the Boo-Swinging game . Eli’s laugh was so fake it seemed like he was trying out for the Shakespeare touring company. “Ha ha, father. Ha ha.”

I gotta keep my material fresh.

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