Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Non-Milk

Sometimes the “firsts” get away from you.

Yesterday both Diana and I had to work (it was a Saturday, pity us). So there was a fair amount of running around, passing the boy off to each other and to Pam, the greatest last minute babysitter/surrogate mommy ever.

Well, the family unit finally came together at 5pm, when it was time to get Elijah bathed and ready for bed. After his nudie time, Diana whips out a jar of mushed bananas and starts cramming spoonfuls into Elijah’s mouth. Upon seeing my look of surprise, Diana informs me he’s old enough to get some baby food and they’ve been experimenting for a few days.

I started stomping around whining, “But Di…the blog. I need to know about this stuff to keep the blog up to date.” Diana looked at me in the way I assume she’ll look at Elijah when he throws a tantrum in Toys R Us.

Well, the bananas went down ok. Not to quote every father since the invention of fathers, but he got more of it on himself than in his mouth.

I know it doesn’t reflect much in the blog, but Eli is one hap hap happy baby. His crying is done and making him smile is easier than falling off a log. Although falling of a log is an instant gut buster for him.

By the way, it’s Sunday at 4:54pm and I’m still at work. I’m doin’ this for you, Eli and Diana. And yes, Grover. You too.

p.s. Eli didn't sleep through the night last night. The other night was a fluke.

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