Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Talk To Me

The baby experts say one of the big keys to getting your little person to learn how to talk is to talk to him a lot (duh). They recommend narrating your life when the baby is around so he can pick up on the basics.

This is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Especially when you’re a strong, silent type like me. I get a little embarrassed chattering away all the time. Mostly because when I speak to Eli, every other word gets an “ie” attached.

“Time to change your diapie. Let’s put some socks on your feeties. Daddy’s going to get on the computie and blogie.”

For some reason, this morning Elijah refused to sleep past 5am and none of our tricks (Ether) worked to get him back to sleep. Diana was exhausted, so I took Eli with me for my morning Grover exercise (Grover gets the exercise, not me).

I was especially tired this morning, so my creativity was at an all time low. Here’s a transcript of what Eli heard from his talking teacher:

“Grover…gets…ball. Grover…drops…ball. Grover…ball. Ball…ball…ball….bbb.”

p.s. Diana is having ear surgery tomorrow. So put all your good vibes towards a speedy recovery. While you’re at it, put all your good vibes towards us winning the lottery.

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