Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Son The Donkey

Elijah has been putting in huge multi hour sleepies at night (yeah, when you’re 4 months old they’re called “sleepies”). Which means we no longer have to wear those snug straightjackets. The only bummer is Eli usually falls asleep at 6pm, so his up and at ‘em time can be as early as 5am. That’s even early for the milkman.

So Diana is attempting to get the boy down later in the evening with the hope he’ll sleep in. And that means I have a way better chance of catching him at night before he goes to sleep. Man, I’ll knock over old ladies and shove boy scouts down stairs to get a glimpse of my son before he beds down.

Last night I got to see the little guy as his mommy put the finishing touches on bedtime. He lit up when he saw me and started guffawing, which shattered my heart like a piece of peanut brittle. To top it off, his guffaws included a spot on donkey impersonation. And since he’s never seen, nor heard a donkey in his 4 months on Earth, that makes him a genius.

p.s. For those of you keeping track, Elijah’s “Tummy Doctor” declared his stomach acid free today so he’s going to stop the Prevacid. But we’re not going to be feeding him chilidogs any time soon.

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