Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eli Slept Through The Night*

Baseball Man Barry Bonds beat the all time home run record last week. But sports fans the world over will put a little asterisk (*) by his name because his record is shrouded in controversy. For anyone who is reading this blog in the year 2024 (Elijah), Barry Bonds is well known for being a steroid monster. Thus, tainting his accomplishment with performance enhancing drugs.

What the heck does this have to do with Elijah anyway? This is an Elijah nerd blog, not a baseball nerd blog. There are enough of those.

Eli slept through the night last night. I woke up and stumbled downstairs and Diana was almost weeping with joy and general non-sleepiness. She declaired, "Elijah slept from midnight to seven..." In the midst of my happy dance (my happy dance includes batons, fire breathing and a fruit hat) I realized something: Eli had a fever yesterday and we gave him enough baby Tylenol to drop a mule (that’s called an exaggeration, nervous nellys).

So, while is accomplishment was awesome and couldn’t have come at a better time, given Diana and my ridiculous schedules, me thinks it deserves a Barry Bonds asterisk (*).

Prove me wrong tonight, boy. Prove me wrong.

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