Friday, August 10, 2007

First Fever

Elijah had another first today: First fever. Poor little guy.

Diana took him for another round of shots yesterday, for which he was a complete trooper, except for the ten minutes of heart shattering screaming. But this morning he woke up with a 102 fever. I guess when babies get shots they sometimes get fevers. Sigh.

I keep thinking about this as a hacky comedian from the 80’s. (Do your best Jerry Seinfeld impersonation as you read this) “What’s the deal with these shots they give the babies these days? Aren’t they supposed to KEEP your kid from getting a fever? Am I right, here people? What are they sticking in there, the Bubonic Plague? Are you with me? Huh, people?”

The good news is Diana has broken his fever already with a combination of Tylenol and Grover spit.

The doctor also said Eli is somehow very tall for his age. He’s like, freakishly tall for a 4 month old. Which is strange because neither Diana nor me are hitting our heads on any doorways. Di’s older brother, Donnie, was a basketball star in high school, however. And both my brothers Luke and Noah were basketball players. So there’s some tall DNA out there.

So keep your fingers crossed. If Eli becomes a basketball star he’s gonna have a super hot prom date.

Although I’m not sure how he’ll have the time, what with his marching band commitments.

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