Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Old Lead Belly

The toy conglomerate Mattel said they’re recalling a billion toys made in China for lead paint. Now, a year ago a story like this would give me as much pause as say a story about a sneezing panda. But now, as a dad, all kinds of alarm bells went off.

I now crawl around our house inspecting every rattle, Whoosit and rubber frog for the telltale “Made in China.”

My latest advertising adventure has me hanging on by a thread. The hours have been brutal. So last night, Diana took pity on me and sent me to sleep on the non-baby-waking-up couch. I was the only husband in America who was excited about being banned to the couch.

Around 3am, I bolted up in bed (couch) and yelled, “We gave Finn recalled Thomas The Train Toys for Christmas!” Regardless of whether the trains were actually tainted, I was convinced the next time I saw my nephew he’d be wearing dark glasses and selling pencils out of a tin can.

I contacted my brother first thing today and told him to round up all the Thomas The Train toys he could find and burn them. In typical Steve style, he responded, “Finn’s got a couple in his mouth right now. They make him see beauuuutiful colors.”

Lack of sleep is making me paranoid.

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