Friday, July 27, 2007

A Word From the Dog

Honestly, things have been a bit slow on the baby front. Elijah is doin’ good. No real big news. So I’m going to let the dog have today’s post. Take it away Grover!

'Hi everybody. It’s me, your lovable pal Grover. Life with the human puppy has been pretty ok. I’m not really sure the human puppy’s name. I think it’s ‘Get A Bottle.’ That’s what the Man and the Lady call it when it makes a racket. Get A Bottle doesn’t do much. He can’t throw tennis balls. He isn’t tall enough to reach the treats. And the Man and Lady get all jumpy when I give Get A Bottle a nice paw to the face. It’s not like I’m going to give him a bite on the butt, we’re not that good of friends yet.

Don’t get me wrong, Get A Bottle has his positive points. His hands and face taste like milk all the time. And once a day he smells like poop, which you know I love. If I lay down next to Get A Bottle, the Lady gets all weepy, pets me on the special spot behind my ear and says, "I love our family" over and over.

And when Get A Bottle goes to sleep, the Man pays a lot of attention to me. I think he feels guilty, the sap. Like I’m going to get a complex about Get A Bottle. I’m a dog. As long as I have a tennis ball handy I’m great. But I’m not going to turn down a few extra Greenie Brand treats.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to give The Lady my sad eyes and see if she’ll give me an extra scoop of food.

Grover out!'

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