Friday, July 6, 2007

Ha ha?

Over the last three months, I’ve tried to keep the blog on the funny side. Let’s face it, if every time you logged on the content was “Today, mother and I took the boy to the park. Good times were had by most…” you’d fall asleep and smash your face on your keyboard. And as someone who spilled an entire coffee on his office keyboard, they don’t come cheap. So I at least attempt to yuck it up.

But there are some things that happen with the boy that defy mockery.

Last night, Elijah and I actually communicated. I was changing him and he began to make little chirping noises at me. So, I chirped back. He smiled a huge smile and chirped again. We repeated this for a good ten minutes. Until Diana raced over with the video camera. Eli became distracted by his true love, his mommy, and he forgot all about Senor Second Banana.

I was blown away by my baby breakthrough.

On my way in to work, I tried to think of ways to make light of it. Helen Keller jokes, re-creating the finger touching scene in “E.T.” Referencing the movie “Enemy Mine,” with Louis Gossett Jr. (anyone who can name his co-star gets five nerd points). But there are some things that you can’t make fun of. Sorry. Keyboards are on sale at Best Buy.

p.s. I wrote this at work, so I’m using another one of Eli’s photos in his Ed Norton hat.

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Dill the Dog said...

That co-star was Jason Gedrick. Wait, that was Iron Eagle. His real co-star was that Cutter from the bike movie that hid in the underwater trunk at the quarry. Richard Gere. That movie was "Officer and a Gentleman". And it was about bikes.