Saturday, July 28, 2007

First Roll

Mark your “Elijah Milestones” Calendar. He officially rolled over today. What? You don’t have an official “Elijah Milestones” Calendar? What kind of fan of this Blog are you? They sell them at all the Elijah Hamann outlets.

I think Eli was excited about rolling over today because he didn’t sleep a wink last night. Diana was in zombie mode rocking him from 3-7am. Before you call to tell me what a bad husband I am, I’m taking the night shift tonight. Although I suspect his lack of sleep last night will result in a big sleep tonight. I’m not happy about it. Just a fact.

Back to the roll. I got up with the boy this morning and put him on his stomach on his jungle mat. I stumbled into the kitchen to find some coffee (we didn’t have any). When I came back, he was on his back. I looked at Grover and said, “Did he just roll over?” Grover just shrugged (in my mind). I rolled Eli back onto his stomach and sure enough, he rocked onto his back. I hooted and put him back on his stomach. At which point he started angrily shrieking. His limit for on demand rolling is apparently two.

Rolling leads to crawling, which leads to walking, which leads to running, which leads to driving.

I met an old woman on the street today who pointed at Eli and said, “Be careful. Time goes fast.”

p.s. Today’s photo was taken just after Diana dipped Eli’s head in olive oil. Some people say it helps with the cradle cap. I think it just makes him look like Squiggy from “Lavern and Shirley.”

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