Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm hilarious

I spent a ton of quality time with the boy today in the attempt to give Diana some time to actually sleep. Part of the reason Diana was able to sleep was because Elijah was in a fantastic mood. The books all say the fussiness drops off severely in the third month and if today is any indication, gimmie all the 3rd month you can.

Anyhoo, I was doing my stand up routine with Eli, which consisted of trying out different words in the attempt to make him laugh. The two funniest words in the English language according to Eli? “Boo.” Followed by “Goo.”

The following is the funniest joke I’ve ever told:

"A Boo walks into a bar, with a Goo on one shoulder and a Boo on the other. The bartender says, 'Goo. Booooo. Gooo.' The Boo says, 'Goo. Boo boo goo goo boo.'”

That slayed him.

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