Friday, July 13, 2007

First Guffaw

Part of my purpose in writing this blog is so Elijah will have access to hard data about his “firsts.” I clearly remember asking my mom, “When did I first laugh? When did I say my first word? When did I do my first successful back flip?” I think we’re still waiting on that last one. But since I was usually asking a decade or two after the event, my mom would be forced to either tell the truth (“I have no idea, it was the 1970’s”) or lie (“June 23rd. Now go drink your powdered milk”).

But now, because of the world wide interweb, Eli can see exactly when he first did things and all the dumb stuff his dad had to say about it.

Anyhoo, Elijah officially had his first guffaw! For those keeping track, it was Thursday, July 12th. His technical first laugh was at his Grandpa, who was playing the “Boo” game with him. But his first uncontrollable guffaw was at his mom, who I assume was doing her impeccable Carol Channing impersonation.

Unfortunately, I was at work so I missed it. But I am planning on being responsible for guffaws number 2 through 3,000,000.

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