Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eli is a real person

It’s official. Elijah Steven Hamann is a real person, recognized by the government. He got his Social Security Card. Which means he’s eligible for…stuff that you get with a social security number…

Well, since the government can take their chunk, he can officially get a paycheck. So I have to find him a job. What’s he good at? Sleeping. He can be a co-sleeper tester. I hear they pay good. He’s good at crying. So he can be a patience tester. I’m not sure the pay for that. He’s very good at being cute, but we must use his cuteness for good, not for money.

Yet another milestone, poked fun of by his father.

p.s. I covered up his number on the photo because I don’t want any of your computer hackers to steal his identity and slash his credit rating. He can accomplish that on his own by getting easy space credit cards in space college.

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