Thursday, July 2, 2009

Phone call

I’m still in California pretending staying at a kick ass hotel and eating out every night is work. But I do miss my guy and my gal. So I call them from time to time. On the telephone.

When I called this afternoon, after I got all my household state of affairs from Diana (house is a pigsty, boy is still sick, dog is very sad his father is gone, Diana is still in love with hot vampire from “Twilight”), I heard Elijah chirping in the background and asked to talk to him.

Diana put on the speakerphone and thrust it into his face. I said, “Daddy misses you very much, Eli.”

After a beat, Eli said, “I la Ooo. I la Oooo.”

I immediately got choked up. “I…I love you too, son.” I had to step out of the editorial house and into the beautiful Santa Monica sun to compose myself.

Diana got back on. I said, “Did you hear that? He said he loved me, unprovoked. I'm going to buy him a sports car stuffed with a pony.”

Diana replied, “Um…he said ‘Laundry.’ We’re doing laundry.”

I wandered back into the editorial suite and announced that I quit and I was going home. But then my producer said we had reservations at a fancy sushi restaurant.

So I guess I’ll stay.

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