Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Haircut

Rather than get any work done today (It’s a Sunday and I’m in the office. I should’ve studied more) I looked back into the HamannEggs archives. I found that Elijah’s first official removal of hair was 2 Januaries ago. But as I so snidely wrote, we couldn’t count it because Di was the barber and for it to be official he had to be in a barber chair, with tears streaming down his face.

After 2.5 years of a snip here and a snip there, we realized Grover was much better groomed than our son. It stands to reason, because Grover is a bit of a diva. But Eli’s hair really had that lived in look Jim Morrison from the “Doors” was famous for. Di came to the conclusion that a man who died chocking on his own vomit wasn’t the image we wanted for our special little guy.

So Di took him to “Snippy Cuts” or “Wacky Snips” or some place that catered to children. I felt a little bad because if TV commercials have taught us anything, kids hate getting their first haircut. I had visions of a melt down so huge, he’d come back looking like “Glamamore, the half man half woman” and neighbor kids would pay two tickets to see him.

But I’m talking about Eli, the fearless boy, aren’t I? He apparently walked into the hair cut joint and essentially said, “OK, which one of you ladies is going to have the honor of cutting my hair?”

His marvel behavior could have been because the first thing he spotted when he walked in was “Curious George” on the TV’s. The new Curious George cartoon is currently his favorite thing in the world. It bums me out a little because I don’t think Curious George teaches much beyond the fact the Man In The Yellow Hat thinks its ok for George to wander around New York city by himself. And I miss Cookie Monster.

I digress. I guess Eli hopped right up into the rowboat that doubled as a barber chair (I’ll reluctantly allow it) and let the Eastern European woman do whatever she wanted. He only trouble came when she blocked out his view of Curious George to cut his bangs.

Now Eli looks a little like David Bowie in “Labyrinth” mixed with Kevin Bacon in “Footloose.” Which made Diana cry.

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Lizzi said...

Was Diana crying tears of joy? Kevin Bacon is adorable.