Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night, Steve and Tommy came over for some beers while Diana was at work. We were watching the Cubs/Sox game repeat. Even though we all know the outcome of the game, it didn’t stop us from yelling at the TV. Which, of course kept Elijah awake.

After his 5th run through of the Alphabet Song, the Happy Birthday Song and the theme to Sesame Street, I went up to calm him down and try to get him to sleep.

I scooped him up out of his crib and rocked him in the rocking chair. As you know, laying on the giant hairy waterbed that is my stomach instantly makes him sleep. So, he started snoring immediately.

Because my Estrogen levels are through the roof, I was once again overcome with love for this boy. I began whispering into his ear.

“You are a special, special guy. Your mommy and I love you very much. You make us both very happy. You’re funny and cute and…”

You get the idea. Sapville. Population: 2.

Right as I was getting to my crescendo of love, I heard in my ear…

(Burp) “I burped, dada.”

I’ll take that as “I love you too.”

p.s. There was a big poop story today. But I have to get the details from Diana. More soon.

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