Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So it’s been a while since we’ve announced any “firsts” for Elijah. But this one, this one I’m really excited about. I’m so proud of him I could cry.

Elijah performed his first impersonation. And the object of his most sincere form of flattery? Who else? His mommy.

It goes like this. A week or so ago, Eli grabbed a pair of Diana’s Jackie O-style sunglasses and started chanting, “Ha, body! Ah, mommy! Ha, body! Ah, mommy!” At first Diana had no idea what he was saying. But after consulting her “Elijah to English Dictionary,” she realized he was saying, “Hi everybody! I’m mommy!”

This is a major milestone in his humor development. Once he masters impersonations, it opens the door up to wisecracks, nonsensism, hyperbole and even irony, the white elephant of humor.

I can picture him now. Future Elijah. The year 2030. Up on stage, possibly on Mars, wearing a velvet space suit…

“What’s the deal with our space president? What would happen if he was in the cast of that popular space sitcom? I think it would go a little something like…this. ‘Ha body! Ah, mommy! Ha body! Ah, mommy!’”

Don’t quit your space day job, son.

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