Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Cute Arts

As I flew over the Midwest on my home, aside from pretending I didn’t speak English to avoid talking to row-mates, I spent the entire time trying to make the airplane go faster with my brainpower.

I had to get home. I missed the unit so bad it hurt. But there was another reason I was trying to will a tailwind. I was worried I missed Elijah development stuff. Yeah, what can happen in a week? I dunno. What if he learned French or Algebra or did something completely blog worthy?

Well, thankfully I didn’t miss too terribly much over the last week. But there has been a development. Elijah has entered some kind of uber cute two-year-old phase. Yeah, he’s always been cute. But now it seems like his constant practice at the cute dojo has paid off and he’s now a black belt in the adorable arts.

All day today he’s been smacking me with cuteness. He clobbered me with hilarious made up songs. He executed a perfect roundhouse of smearing macaroni and cheese on his face. He punched through a cement block with a nude race through the house.

According to Diana, he hit her with a cute knockout yesterday in the car. She was listing off everyone she thought was great in their lives.

“And dada is great…and grandma is great…and Grover is great…”

He looked her with Bruce Lee calmness and said, “Wawa (water) is great and ELI IS GREAT.”

I’m surprised she didn’t roll the car.

Diana just rolled him into the office to watch me write as he eats his dinner. He just started doing a slinky dance in his high chair. I need to go to the hospital.

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