Friday, March 13, 2009

Where are you?

This week hasn’t been very exciting from a blog-worthy standpoint. But I’ll take a drawing on the walls free week, thank you very much. In lieu of anything destructive to report, I’ll focus on a little bit of cuteness Elijah has been gracing us with.

His new favorite phrase is “Where are you?” But in his Toddler speak, it comes out “Wher a ooo?” So when he wants to get out of his crib, he’ll shout from the top of the stairs, “Wher a ooo?” Or if you step away from his high chair at mealtime he’ll shout, “Wher a ooo?” If you don’t come running immediately, you’ll pass out from cuteness.

But as of late, Eli has taken it up a notch. When he wants to shower us with cuteness and we happen to be in the same room, he will simply turn his head away and shout, “Wher a ooo?” To which Diana or I will reply, “Right here, goof ball.” He’ll then turn back and say, “Oh, hi guys.” It doesn’t look terribly cute written out in blog form. But believe me, it’s adorable.

Both Eli and Diana have been under the weather lately. Eli was up off and on all night last night hacking and crying. And Diana resorted to taking Nyquil to cut through the aches and pains. So this morning when I deposited Eli in our bed on my way out the door, Di was especially groggy. So much so that she was only able to muster a half eye open when he repeatedly asked her for milk.

Finally, he shouted, “Wher a ooo?” She was on planet Nyquil.

Today’s photo is evidence that I’ve finally succumbed to being a complete and utter dork. But I wouldn’t change this kind dorkiness for all the Nyquil in the world.

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