Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tickle Giant

Hey gang, sorry I haven’t blogged much this week. I acquired a touch of writer’s block. A friend at my work passed away this week. So my brain was a little scattered. But needless to say, Josh we’ll miss you.

But let’s go back to our regularly scheduled silliness. Elijah, Diana and I are engaged in a massive game of “Tickle Giant.” What’s Tickle Giant, you may ask? It’s actually a game invented by Diana’s dad many moons ago. The rules have never been written down, but I’ve taken the time to detail them below, as modeled off the “Trivial Pursuit” instructions I found gathering dust in our basement.

OBJECT: To entertain a toddler who would rather be watching TV than eat, sleep or engage in any activity that doesn’t involve watching TV.

EQUIPMENT: One Parent. One Toddler. One or more sets of tickling hands.

SETUP: A Parent lies down on any flat surface, like a living room or bedroom floor or parental bed. The Toddler positions himself by the Parent’s head.

GAME PLAY: The Toddler places his hands over the Parent’s eyes and says, “Sleep. Sleep.” Extra points are given when the Toddler says the word with an adorable speech impediment like “Seep.” The Parent then pretends to snore. The Parent watches the Toddler out of the corner of their eye because the Toddler’s reaction to hypnotizing the Parent is usually pretty hysterical.

Once the Toddler is convinced his Parent is asleep, he or she will then touch the Parent’s nose. At which point the Parent leaps up screaming like a monster and begins relentlessly tickling the Toddler. The round is over when the Toddler either says “Seep” or he poops his pants from laughing too hard.

Rounds continue until the Parent declares it bedtime or the Toddler bashes his head on a piece of furniture or Grover gets too agitated and starts humping everyone.

Needless to say, Parker Brothers is very interested in acquiring the rights.

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