Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ah Marianna?

I’ve been wrestling with how to announce Marianna’s departure from the HamannEggs storyline. For those of you new to HamannEggs (hello Facebook friends), Marianna was, until recently, our Romanian part time babysitter.

Quite frankly, she was rarely blog worthy. She was very nice. Elijah loved her. She didn’t steal. And didn’t seem to mind when I came home reeking of my secret Metra train beer.

Our only beef with her was her occasional flinging open of our windows in the dead of winter when Eli “Make a poopie.” And her bizarre attachment to the TV show where Howie Mandel stands in front of those silver briefcases and hot chicks. As she explained with no sense of irony, “Diana. Sometimes I say ‘Deal.’ But sometimes…I say ‘No Deal!’”

Whenever I blogged about her, I usually had to add 25% more broken English and 50% more crazy to make it interesting.

So unfortunately, it was with zero controversy that we parted ways. She needed to take some time off for surgery. Plus she had a full time offer to sit some other kid. We couldn’t give her more hours. And my sister in law Pam was available. So out goes Marianna. In goes Pam.


I kind of wish we caught her plotting Romanian mafia stuff in our living room. Or that she took a shot at me with a Winchester. Her worst offense was leaving steak knives pointy side up in the dishwasher. Yeah. Let’s make that the reason we fired her.

Goodbye Marianna. Your lack of blog worthiness will be missed. Pam, please try to do something crazy once a week.

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