Friday, February 6, 2009

A Couple Non Potty Stories And One Potty Story

If you have your updated 2009 HamannEggs calendar (12 months of Elijah’s butt), you’ll know I’m heading into the busy period of my year. Basically from now until July I’ll be in various stages of panic and late nightness and grouchiness.

So I haven’t had as much Dad on Eli action lately and have had to ask Diana for blog ideas. But it’s kind of hard to extract the kind of obsessive and pointless detail that makes this blog what it is. So consider this a quick potpourri of little cute Eli things as reported by Diana.

1. A while ago Diana and Eli were driving in the family Subaru. They went over a bump or down a hill fast (See? No Details) and Elijah shouted, “Wheeeee!” After a few moments, he stated matter of factly, “Bye bye whee.”

2. Elijah recently sat in the lap of Diana’s good friend and mother of one of Eli’s pals. After a few moments he fondled her in one of her mom parts. Despite my begging, Diana provided no other details aside from the fact that mom did not slap Eli.

3. Diana stumbled onto Eli reading one of his potty books out loud to himself. It’s about various animals who sit on a child’s potty. But his recital was a mixture of baby talk and real words to the tune of, “Garble garble garble…no monkey potty. Garble garble potty elephant. No no!” It doesn’t read very cute in blog form but Diana swears it was the cutest thing in the world.

So that’s it. I don’t have to work this weekend, so I plan on following Eli around gathering enough material to take us through next week.

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