Monday, February 2, 2009

I Tried

I tried. Honestly. I tried my darndest to avoid any and all potty related Elijah hilarity over the last 24 hours. And I had every intention of writing a Superbowl entry today. I was going to feature Eli’s obsession with chip dip. And his other obsession with double dipping.

But then I entered the shower this morning. While I lathered my pits and pieces I heard Diana and Eli enter the bathroom.

“Do you want to sit on the potty and try to pee pee?”

“Elmo elephants Elmo Elmo.”

“Ok. Let’s get your pants and diaper off…”

“Bye bye pee pee.”

“Good boy! You’re peeing in the potty! Wait. WAIT. Point it down! Point it down!”

When I stuck my head out of the shower I saw a very happy Eli sitting on his potty and my wife marveling at just how far unrestricted pee can travel across our bathroom.

As you recall, Eli hasn’t taken a shot at us in the better part of a year. I wonder if there is part of him who remembers dousing his mother in pee at 6 months old. As you may also recall, I have managed until now to avoid getting hit with his sniper fire.

The game is back on. I gotta stay sharp.

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