Saturday, April 12, 2008

Que Bonito!

I’ve mentioned in past posts that when Elijah is out and about, the people comment on his good looks. Why? Because people have eyes. But Di and I found this phenomenon isn’t restricted to people within the four walls of Target. Apparently, Mexican people also have eyes.

When the sun reached its apex every day, we had to get Eli out of the sun so he didn’t burst into flames. That usually meant dumping him into his stroller and playing the game, “Let’s Find Some Shade.” But as soon as we exited our condo, people would flock to Eli.

Here’s a little test. See if you can tell what comments were made by Mexican people and which comments were made by fat Americans:

1. “Que Bonito!”
2. “Hey, lookee here! That kid’s eating his foot!”
3. “Ojos azules mas guapo.”
4. “What cha feed dat kid, he’s a chunk.”

At one point a street vendor who had been sampling a bit too much tequila stumbled over and began to manhandle Eli while slurring praise in Spanish. Apparently used to the sometimes outrageous antics of his fans, Eli simply reached his hand out gracefully and shoved the man aside. At which point security (me) whisked him away in his stroller.

For those of you who don’t have your official Eli Hamann calendar, Eli’s birthday is Monday. The big one! We’re not having a party. Because we’re lame. Also because we’re doing his Christening in May (finally) and we’d rather not force parents to come up twice in a matter of weeks.

So we’ll most likely celebrate the way we celebrate everything. By eating tacos and splitting a bottle of wine.

I do know that we (Diana) bought him some cool presents including a UV tent. I have no idea what it is. I think they made a movie out of it in 1976 starring John Travolta (Boy in the Plastic Bubble).

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