Monday, April 21, 2008

First “Hi.”

I think Elijah says “Hi” now. But I’m not sure. A few days ago I miraculously came home before Eli went to sleep. I found him and Di playing with (tormenting) Grover upstairs. Eli looked up, bright eyed, and said, “Haaaaaahhhhhh.”

What you talkin’ ‘bout, Eli?

Kitty came over yesterday to help Diana drink Mimosas and get farmers’ tans. As soon as Eli saw her he said, “Haaaaaaaaahhhhhh.”

Say what, Eli?

This morning when I woke up he was standing in his crib. And I said, “Hi Eli!” He screamed. He was hungry.

I still can’t say this is an official first word. It’s more of a first vowel. But it sure is cute. Which is good because Eli is driving Diana up the wall. He’s obsessed with her. Aren’t we all? He will not allow her to put him down. Not even for a moment. Even if it’s to accomplish something with two hands, like, say juggle fire batons, he shrieks like a banshee. He needs his mama at all times.

I got home from Yoga yesterday (Yeah, I do Yoga. Wanna fight about it?) and Diana handed me the boy. She had had enough of his clinging. I said something lame like, “It’s just because he loves you SO much. At this moment Kitty arrived with Mimosas fixin’s. Eli said, “Haaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

I took Eli outside and let him watch me swear at the car seat while adjusting it to face forward. Then I took him upstairs and let him watch me swear while I re-installed his baby gate, which included accidentally drilling a hole in our bedroom door.

Luckily, Steve and Finn had arrived to watch me do said door drilling. Eli said, “Haaaaaahhhh.” Which I think was more “Ha” than “Hi.”

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