Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sorry to interrupt my weeklong Mexico vacation blogging, but I finally finished the hardbound version of HamannEggs Vol 1. It took a lot longer to finish than I thought. Mostly because I’m a lazy sack.

I’ve attached the first HamannEggs cover Steve drew. The first one features a hilarious George Bush tribute. Remember when Eli looked like George Bush? I also thought it would be a nice reminder in the years to come of the year Elijah was born.

When we showed it to Diana, she took one look at it and said, “Um…no.”

Her point was she didn’t want Eli to look back on it years from now and be scarred by our hilarious connection of him to The Worst President Ever. I mentioned the sheer number of buttock photography would be plenty to scar him.

However, I decided to force Steve to draw a new, non-GB version. Mostly because I’m afraid George Bush will catch wind of it and put me on a secret list. Next thing you know my tax returns get mysteriously lost, every time I answer the phone I’ll hear a “click,” and there will be a white van permanently parked outside our house.

If you want to see the official cover, log onto www/blurb.com and go to the Blub bookstore. Type in “HamannEggs” in the search menu and marvel.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Mexico blogging.

p.s. I don’t get any money from sales of the book.

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