Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mothers In Law

When I told my jaded co-workers that we were bringing Di’s mom, Sheila, along on our Mexico trip, they started in on bad Mother In Law comedy routines. I bet you didn’t know half of the creative department in any ad agency is frustrated would-be comedians.

Aside from the fact that Sheila is a saint, you know why we brought her? Four words: Two For One Margaritas.

At the strike of 4 every day the restaurant at the bottom of our condo would have their famous two for one margs. Now, I’m not usually one for the hard stuff. In fact, tequila is one of my least favorite things to drink. It may have been Mexico, or it may have been the fact that 4pm is the start of Elijah’s witching hour, but as soon as the clock struck quatro I’d leap from our balcony the six stories to the bar and rush back upstairs with margaritas stacked two by two.

That’s where Sheila came in. She’d politely sip her drink, but her main job was to watch Eli while his parents went out and acted like Spring Break MTV contestants. For two people who have been out of the house as husband and wife exactly three times in the last 365 days, it was amazing.

We actually had dinner together. We actually walked along the beach together. We actually got bombed without worrying about our son.

To pay her back, I sent Di and Sheila off for an official girls’ night where they got to act like Spring Breakers themselves. I’m not going to ask where the wet t-shirt trophy came from.

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TeacherRefPoet said...

You're safe. A quick Google search for mother-and-daughter wet T-shirt contests indicates that no such event exists in your neighborhood. Or, thankfully, anywhere else.