Monday, April 14, 2008

4 things

So I’m sitting at the office kind of waiting for other people to do stuff and unable to either leave or make them do their stuff faster. I figure rather than catch up on my own stuff, I can detail a few Elijah things that have been happening lately that don’t really require a whole post.

Pacifiers are delicious

Eli isn’t too nuts about pacifiers. He doesn’t need one 24 hours a day, but he does like them in the crib. Occasionally, he’ll toss them out onto the floor. So when he’s crawling around playing he’ll occasionally stumble across one. He’ll pop it in and then, after a second, offer it to you to sample. If you chew on it for a few seconds he’ll yank it out of your mouth and return it to its rightful place.

Grover is patient

Eli loves Grover. He squeals with delight when he sees the giant fluff ball. The thing is, Eli’s way of demonstrating his love is to grab giant fist fulls of Grover’s fur. He’ll yank Grover’s eyebrows, tail, privates, mustache. And you know what Grover does? He licks Eli. I’d rather not have to send Grover to a farm for biting my son, so I praise Grover profusely.

Poo Barf

I forgot to tell the story of the poo/barf during my Mexico download. Di was taking a family bath with Eli when he was still suffering from his 100+ temperature. Not only did he massively poop in the tub (Rick: 0, Di: 0, Eli: 2), but a half hour later he barfed all over her. There were not enough two for one Margaritas on the planet for her.

Clap clap clap

Di bought Eli one of those Baby Einstein videos. It wasn’t Baby Einstein, it was slightly less dumb. It involves a baby who conducts an orchestra and a bunch of colors float across the screen in a baby acid trip. But whenever a song ends, animated animals clap. And Eli claps too. He’s gotten to the point that whenever he hears clapping, he claps along. On NPR the other day they had a Jerry Springer clip and during whatever fight broke out, Eli clapped.

That should get me through the evening.

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