Friday, April 25, 2008

Click Click Click

It seems like a lot of my posts a few months ago dealt with Elijah’s teeth. Getting them, crying about them, naming them, etc.

Well, I got another one. He’s clicking his teeth now. I can totally understand his fascination. There are freakin’ bones sticking out of his gums where they once were not. So when he’s bored or reading a book or waiting for a bottle, he’ll click his teeth together. And grind his teeth. And chomp them.

Let me try to explain the sound. Think of fingernails on the blackboard. Mix that with two pieces of Styrofoam rubbing together. Plus a fork scraping fine china. Plus a metal chair scraping across a wooden floor.

I’m convinced that the sound waves don’t actually enter my ear. I think they travel from his teeth and go through my eyeballs into my brain. Where they rattle around, destroying everything.

When Eli clicks, I’ll wince, fall to the ground and say, “Please baby. No teeth clicking. You’re killing daddy.” At which point he’ll cock his head and look at me curiously. And click his teeth.

I’ve taken to sticking my finger in his mouth to stop the clicking. A chewed off finger is pleasant compared to the clicking.

Diana and Eli and Grover went to the in-laws last night because there was a death in the family and we’re getting air conditioning put in, which apparently involves destroying the house. So I had the place to myself. It was horrible. I would have paid a million dollars to hear some teeth clicking.

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ashleyxmonsterxx said...

Haha. i dont know how you feel but my mom does. it sounds horrible for you, i hope you can break him out of the habbit. I'm 17 years old and i still click my teeth and I've been doing it forever. lol. its something i do and i dont even notice im doing it. my mom hates it and she smackes me upside my head every time she catches me doing it. but yea...i dont think its good for his teeth should check and see if he grinds his teeth at night when he sleeps. i know alot of teeth clickers are teeth grinders too. lol.