Wednesday, October 1, 2014


There are two distinct philosophies around Halloween at our house. 

If you are in the Eli and Rick camp, Halloween is a time of dread and terror.  Where second graders with bloody “Scream” masks ruin everything.

If you are Luca and Diana, Halloween is a lovely time filled with chocolate and Spiderman costumes and did I mention chocolate?  And sometimes you find your best friend, who happens to be a skeleton.

Yes, Luca’s best friend is a skeleton.

Diana bought a bunch of fun Halloween decorations while I was in New York.  One of them happened to be a short human skeleton.  Luca named him Jack and they are inseparable.  Luca sleeps with him and puts him down for naps and talks to him nonstop.

This was told to me while I was walking down 5th Avenue to meet my friend Kevin for some bourbon.  I thought it was a bit Luca and Diana were running to mess with me and also to make me feel guilty for being out of town.

But sure enough, when I arrived back today Luca introduced me to his friend Jack.  He made its bony mouth move and they had a fairly normal conversation.  I can’t really decide if it’s adorable or creepy.

It’s a bit of both.

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