Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tooth 2

This is a short one.  But I want to get it down on internet paper before I forget.

Elijah lost his second tooth.  Was it biting into an apple? No. Steak? No. Did he get punched by a bully or tie it to a door via dental floss?  Nope and nope.

He lost it biting Luca in the butt.

The news of this reached us in New York via Hannah and Nanny.  There was really no other explanation and Diana and I were left to our imaginations as to how this transpired.

When we got home we asked Elijah to tell us the story of how it happened, hoping to shed some kind of light on the butt biting.

Eli said, “Well, Luca was there and I bit his butt and my tooth came out.”

“Why did you bite his butt?” We asked.

“I just did.”

“Yes he did,” Luca added a little too enthusiastically.

I believe my brother, who was acting Tooth Fairy at the time, gave him a few extra bucks for creativity.

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