Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I don’t think I’ve ever printed a retraction on HamannEggs.  Mostly because this is really all about me and I never misquote myself. 

However, I recently blamed Hannah the Nanny for introducing Elijah and Luca to the foul goo that is Korean pop music.  If you read my last post, you’ll see my utter hatred for those pink and blonde haired, sexually ambiguous quote, unquote singers.

But Hannah let me know that she did not, in fact, expose them to that awfulness.  It was one of Eli’s camp councilors.  I think I can sue the camp for this, right?  Any lawyers out there want to represent me? 

Sorry, Hannah.  Consider this your official retraction.  But I still don’t forgive you for Lady Gaga.

Now on to happier things.  My sons are addicted to The Simpsons.  The cable network FXX recently played all 500+ Simpsons episodes in one big marathon.  I am not ashamed to say it consumed my life.  Every non working waking hour was spent in front of our TV, remembering (or not remembering) my twenties, when I was obsessed with that yellow skinned family.

The boys realized they could watch their best friend, the TV, when Dad was home so long as it was The Simpsons and nothing else.  They quickly fell in love with Bart, Homer, Lisa and little Maggie.  They loved the occasional violence, the almost swears and they loved watching their dad laugh at his own constant Simpsons quoting.

I wondered for a minute if the show wasn’t appropriate for a 7 and 4-year-old.  My dad famously said The Simpsons represented the fall of western civilization.  But I figured it was like giving them a graduate course in comedy.

I love to hear Luca and Eli discuss their favorite bits. 

“Remember when Homer said ‘butt?’”

“And when Krusty said ‘boobs?’”

Maybe my dad was right.

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