Thursday, August 28, 2014


I used to attempt, in vain, to influence Elijah and Luca’s musical taste.  I thought it was my duty to expose them to the right music, so they’d be able to site me as an influence when being interviewed by rock and roll magazines in the future.  I’m assuming it will be “Space Rolling Stone.”

But I stopped.  Partly because it’s kind of jerk-ish and selfish to force you kids to listen to your favorite music (forcing them to watch “The Simpsons” is another matter entirely).  But mostly because my taste in music isn’t that great. 

Unfortunately, their anime obsessed nanny had taken over the mantle of music influence and has introduced them to the worst thing in the world: Korean boy bands.  Or band.  I think it’s one band.  I don’t actually know the name.  I think it’s Pax or Xap or something like that. 

Elijah and Luca watch their videos on Youtube constantly.  And from what I can gather in the two second I watch them before barfing, every single song goes like this:

1.     Boyish Asian girl walks down rainy street.
2.     Guy with Mo haircut sings.
3.     Guy with bleached hair sings.
4.     All sing.
5.     Bad boy with dyed red hair does a rap.
6.     All sing.
7.     Boyish Asian girl throws herself off a cliff.

I try so hard not to complain because it’s there thing and they should have things that don’t involve “The Simpsons.”  And when Elijah imitates the dancing it’s the greatest thing in the world.  But occasionally I’ll shout, “This is garbage!  You should be listening to Led Zepplin man!”

Which I know makes me so unbelievably uncool in their eyes.  Old man yells at kids to listen to old man music.  Their eyes almost pop out of their heads from rolling.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to some old timey Beatles.

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