Friday, August 15, 2014


The other night, the boys were being unbelievably cute.  They were all scrubbed and shiny from their baths and had somehow picked out the more adorable PJs in the world.  They were wrestling like puppies in a cute and not screamy way.  Even when they acted like jerks it was in a Bugs Bunny “Ain’t I a stinker?” way.

I was exhausted from a bike ride, so I was hitting the sack in the ungodly early hour Diana usually goes to bed.  I heard Elijah and Luca squealing in their room, still awake, so I made the announcement that we were all sleeping together in mom and dad’s bed.  I couldn’t bear their cuteness being wasted on their fish.

Grover didn’t hesitate.  He leapt onto our bed and lay lengthwise.  It immediately dawned on me that we needed to buy a king sized bed.  Eli and Luca walked in, cautious.

“Why do we have to sleep with you?” Eli asked.

“Because mommy and I love you.  We want to cuddle.”

“Can’t we just sleep in our own beds?”

“No.  You must cuddle or I’m taking away your ipad.”

Luca was into it.  He climbed onto the bed and started jumping.

“No.  No.  No.  Lay down.  We’re sleeping.  No.  Stop that.”

I wrestled Luca to the bed and positioned him next to me.  Eli stood at the foot of the bed, unsure.  But then he decided he could do more damage under the covers.

The boys started a wrestling match. 

“No.  No.  No.  Sleep.  We’re being loving family here.  This is magical.  Stop that.”

Elijah got bored and asked if he could please go back and sleep in his own bed.  I refused him.

Luca then decided it was more comfortable sleeping with his feet on the pillows and his face down by Grover.  Elijah decided to borrow down into the sheets and attempt to dig under the dog.  Grover, for all his semi hatred of my sons, moved not a muscle.  He had established a beachhead and was not moving.

Luca then kicked me in the face.

“Out!  Out!  Go to your room!  Family sleep over!”

The boys leapt out of the bed, satisfied.

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