Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Luca Love

I’m kinda glad the last few posts have been more Luca focused than usual. I feel like Elijah’s antics get more coverage than boy #2.  The thing is, Luca tends to be hilarious in subtle, smaller ways rather than giant 1,000 word odysseys.  So I’ve kept a list of small, Luca-sized things I love about him. 

Here are just a few.


Luca calls me by my first name, “Wick.”  “Wick, will you play with me?  Wick, I have to go pee pee.  Wick, I love you.”  My father is quick to point out this is some kind of Oedipal thing, but I simply adore the formality. 


Luca refers to woman as “Gals.”  Sometimes I think I’m the dad of a 1950’s banker.  That gal does this.  That gal does that.  I have no idea where he got it.  When we were in Florida, he was concerned that one of the gals who handed out ice cream was suffering from a cough and informed her he hoped she was feeling better.  I think this 20 something woman would have married him on the spot.

3)Bone Shakes

Luca gets so excited he literally shakes in his bones.  He’ll run up to you and cradle your head in his hands and vibrate because he is just so happy to be alive.  I just love this maneuver. 


Luca loves loves loves playing.  He will rest his head on the floor and use his eyes as a ground level camera to watch miniature fire trucks race by.  He also wants to make sure you are having as much fun as he is.  “Wick, are you playing?  Wick, are we still playing?  Wick, we’re playing, right?”

I know this seems like a few small things, but they are massive, gigantic to me.  They are galaxy sized reasons in the universe of love I feel for this kid. 

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