Monday, December 24, 2012

Sexy Ladies

Luca is in an unbelievably cute stage right now.  Which bodes well for his Christmas haul.  On top of the usual steady stream of hilarious stuff coming out of his mouth, he seems to have caught a little bit of that age old disease, Girl Fever.

Two examples.

One.  The other day, Diana picked Luca up at PDO (his day care) and the teacher was in particularly high spirits.  Blushing, even. It seems that when it was milk time, Luca received his paper cup from her and said, “Thank you for the milk, sexy lady.”

To head off some kind of child/teacher harassment suit, Diana quickly explained that “Hey, sexy lady” was the chorus of his favorite song, “Gangnam Style.”  His PDO teacher was visibly disappointed.

Two.  Diana’s wine store (702 Main Street, hurry for end of the year deals) has one employee.  The lovely Kate.  If you are going to staff a store called “The Wine Goddess,” it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty lady or two on hand.  Diana ain’t no dummy.

Anyhoo, the other night, Luca stopped, mid chicken nugget bite, and asked, “Hey dad, do you know Kate, from Mommy’s work?”

“Yes.  Yes I do.”

“Well, I want to have a sleep over with Kate.  But when I’m older.”

I couldn’t resist telling Kate about Luca’s offer.  She merely said, “I’ll talk to him in 18 years.  We’ll see if his offer still stands.”

We’re getting ready for our Christmas Eve fun.  Cousins, appetizers, Legos, a vague threat to go to mass.

Have a great Christmas, Christmas celebrating friends.  Non Christmas celebrating friends, have a great evening watching movies.  I hear "The Hobbit" is awesome.

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