Thursday, December 13, 2012


Last night, at about 3am, I was having a staring contest with the ceiling in our bedroom.  I thought a change of location may help me drift off, so I crawled into the bottom bunk in the boys’ room.  Luca was there, smelling like a pee pee factory in the third shift.

I shoved him over and lay down.  Grover looked up at me from the floor with an expression that can only be described as, “You are an idiot.”  It may have been being next to a sweet sweet child, or I simply enjoy the smell of pee, but I drifted off almost immediately.

I awoke to Luca chattering loudly.  He was calling for Eli, in the top bunk.  And the odd thing was, he didn’t realize I was lying next to him.  How he didn’t see the 160 pound, bearded man sharing his comforter, I’ll never know.  But he was facing away from me, still whisper/shouting to his brother.  I tried to stay perfectly still so I could take advantage of peek into their lives.

I heard Eli call back, “Luca!  Go to sleep.  We can’t go in until the first number says seven!”

You may recall, we’ve been trying to cure the boys’ habit of entering our room at ungodly hours.  Our latest tactic is to cut them off from all liquids after 7:30pm, so they won’t saturate their diapers, demanding a quick parental response.  That’s not child abuse, right?

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  The convo.  Luca called up to Eli, “I want to go into mommy and daddy’s room.”

“We can’t.  Not until the first number says seven.”

Luca said, “But my body is telling me to go in there.  It’s telling me to pee pee.  But it is also telling me to go into their room.”

That broke me.  I laughed my ass off.  Luca, who was till facing away from me, pawed his hand behind him and felt my arm.  And was shocked to find me sharing his bed.

Eli popped his head down from the top bunk and laughed.  It was the one of the best wake up calls I’d ever had.

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