Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Report Card

May I present Elijah Steve Hamann’s first report card, word for word from his awesome Kindergarten teacher, Faye Pais…

“Eli’s investment in Room 4 is 500% (!) mindful of every routine, involved with every moment of our workings and interactions, piece of paper and conversations, each child’s foibles and successes.  He’s probably in line for the CEO job of a major corporation with an eye for every concern.  He certainly keeps track of me!! Seriously, sometimes I just need to reassure him that I have it all covered….His learning is absolutely “on fire” with constant delight and awe that he can read nearly everything he sees and he is working hard to use his letter sounds to create text for writer’s workshop.  It is difficult at times for him to complete projects because his focus is diverted with all the goings-on, but certainly not because the work is too difficult.  His numeral recognition is very strong and his “teen” writing practice will become more secure with continued experience.  He has a sensitive nature who can express empathy and care towards others and who feels emotions deeply.  He is eager to please, takes mistakes seriously, and welcomes the reassurance that we can solve pretty much any trouble. He is so in love with school that he even laments that he’ll miss it on the weekend.  That, of course, is the sweetest thing for any teacher to hear!!”

And that, my friends, is how you earn a trip to Chuck E Cheese.

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