Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Karate Deal

As you know, Elijah’s first trip to Karate didn’t involve any actual punching through brick walls or Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. He spent the whole time hiding behind Diana’s sexy legs.

Last week, I made it my goal to actually get him to stand with the other kids. If not explode a few of their hearts.

And I had a popsicle up my sleeve. At the ice skating rink that serves as the karate dojo, there is an ample snack bar. And on the front of said snack bar is a massive poster featuring all the $2 sugar and ice treats you can get.

So while we walked to the ice rink, I made a deal with him. If he participated, he could get any treat he wanted.

“What’s ‘participate’ mean?”

I explained he had to stand with the other kids and try. He didn’t have to succeed. He just had to try.

Eli made himself small against my side as we walked.

“I’m a little nervous,” he squeaked.

That’s cool, I said. Everybody gets nervous. But the only way to get a popsicle was to try.

He internalized this as I began to wonder, “What if the Karate guy asks me a question? What if Eli needed paperwork that I forgot? What if he was supposed to be wearing a Karate uniform (or “gi”)? What if the Karate guy uses me as a demonstration and I accidentally pee my pants?”

We arrived at the Karate room only to see it was dark. And locked. Oh yeah. It was the Saturday before Easter. No Karate. Karate cancelled.

Technically, Eli tried. So I bought him a popsicle. And I needed a coffee, which the snack bar served.

On our way home, as Eli slurped on his fruit flavored rocket I asked, “Hey Eli. Tell me the truth. Were you going to do Karate today or were you going to chicken out?”

He flashed a blue grin and said, “Chicken out.”

p.s. These awesome Easter photos are a preview to my Easter forthcoming Easter post. Just as soon as I think of something to write about.

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