Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

We opted out of taking the boys to church this Easter. The thought of dealing with Luca’s constant screaming imitation of a fire alarm (“BELL BELL BELL BELL BELL!”) was just too stressful to think about. So we reached back into our excuse bag and came up with this gem: we didn’t want to take seats away from regular churchgoers. We’re terrific.

We did, however, buy enough candy to kill a large rabbit. Thankfully, Elijah and Luca are still at the age where getting candy of any kind, even candy 3/4 consumed by their father the Saturday night before, is completely awesome.

We also went through the time-honored process of dying Easter eggs. Paas pellets. Water. Vinegar. The smell alone transported me back to my dad’s house in the 80’s. I could almost hear Fleetwood Mac on the turntable.

Like all children, Eli was mesmerized by the wire egg getter outer thing. That little octagon hasn’t changed a bit. Still won’t actually get the eggs out of the cotton picking cup.

I’m not sure at what point both boys remembered they loved to eat hard-boiled eggs. But within minutes our entire floor was covered with pastel eggshells. And yolk. The boys do not eat yolk. Thankfully Grover does.

The day itself was filled with me staining part of our back porch. A very, very small part of our back porch.

We had a lovely Easter dinner at Kitty’s, where Luca consumed 3 pounds of chocolate and decided not to sleep for the next three days.

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