Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Defense of Silliness

Elijah has the week off, so we sent him to soccer day camp. So he’ll at least, you know, know what a ball looks like. The camp is held just down the street and is run by the incredibly named “Coach Success.”

Diana spent yesterday morning watching the camp and her report back was this: Eli is a goofball.

Apparently, when the coaches want your attention, you sit on your soccer ball. Eli can’t seem to stay on his ball. He constantly slid off and flopped to the ground. This bit never got old for him. There are many, many ways to fall off a soccer ball.

Midway through a coach speech, Elijah laid down prone in front of said coach.

Elijah also veered off a dribbling drill and into the nearby field and at one point abandoned the camp altogether and laid down in Diana’s lap.

I asked Diana if Coach Success beat and/or yelled at Eli and she said no, the coaches were generally amused by his antics. And the 16 year old girl assistant coach fell madly in love with him (natch).

After hearing all this, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Eli too. I love that he’s silly. Granted, we try to run a fairly silly household (Our latest game is called “Poop or Barf,” where you pretend to eat a stuffed animal and then the other players guess whether the toy will come out your mouth or butt).

The way I look at it, he’ll have plenty of time to be serious. Too soon his life will be filled with homework and broken hearts and bullies and needing to be the best at whatever sport the cool kids play.

For now I say, fall off that ball Eli. While you still can.

p.s. He did learn a little soccer.

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