Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grandma Carol

My grandma passed away a couple days ago. She didn’t struggle. She didn’t suffer from a long, painful illness. She simply decided to go. 

When Dad called with the news, I felt sad for myself. And sad for my dad. But I also felt sad for Elijah and Luca. Because they’ll really never know their great grandma. Grandma Carol’s mind gave up the fight years ago.

 But over the last 24 hours or so I realized this isn’t true at all. They'll know Grandma Carol through my dad.  Because their Grandpa Ed inherited everything that made my Grandma Carol the Queen of Grandparents.

 Her endless supply of chocolate chip cookies. Her ability to trick you into thinking you didn’t just bash your head into a coffee table by shouting “Bingo!” My dad seems to have been taking careful notes over the last 20 years. He just swapped jellybeans for cookies.

 I used to think Grandma Carol liked me best. I’m sure Dave and Steve thought so as well. And I genuinely think Eli and Luca feel bad for each other because Grandpa Ed so clearly likes him more. 

So thank you, Grandma Carol. For being an awesome lady. And for making my dad the King of Grandparents.

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