Monday, April 30, 2012

Follow Me For Poop

Yay!  Just last week, I was lamenting the eventual demise of that favorite of HamannEggs posts:  The Poop Post.  But Luca gave us this gem just yesterday.

Our most effective form of potty training is to allow our children to go pants-less.  There must be something about having nothing to catch your leavings that makes you want something to catch your leavings.

Last night, before bedtime, Luca was wearing just a pajama top and nothing else.  Suddenly, he stood up from his fire trucks.

“Mommy!  I have a poop in my butt.”

Diana calmly discussed his options.  He could either a) Go sit on the potty.  Or b) put on a diaper.  Either one was fine by her.

“No.  I don’t want to!”

Luca is in that lovely stage where he needs to disagree with everything we say.  Want to get up from your crib?  No.  Want to stay in your crib?  No.  It’s like an Abott and Costello routine where one of them ends up strangled to death.

Luca walked out of the room in a very pinchy way.  Diana was fast on his heels.  She explained that his options did not include pooping in our closet. 

Why don’t you go sit on the potty?  No.  Why don’t you put on a diaper?  No.  Why don’t you go sit on the potty?  No.  Why don’t you put on a diaper?  No.

Diana followed Luca downstairs and into the living room.  Luca’s search for became more and more desperate.

Finally, when he couldn’t take it anymore, he squatted over our big orange rug and let go, according to Diana, “A man sized poop.” 

Luckily, Diana’s diligence paid off.  She caught the poop in a diaper held under his butt.  Unluckily, Luca peed all over her pajama pants. 

Diana told me this story several hours later as we watched TV.  She ended her story by pointing down.  “These pajama pants right here.”

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