Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Aside from the millions of dollars in advertising dollars the blog brings in, the point of HamannEggs is to collect stories. Yes, stories about me kicking doors in (see yesterday’s post). But also stories about the unbelievable cute things my sons and wife do.

This is usually accomplished through the typing of words. However, there is the occasional cuteness that can’t be described with words. And I’m struggling right now with one such cutness.

It’s the way Luca says “Okay.”

Despite his huge vocabulary, there are tons of things he wants that he can’t articulate. So he’s usually reduced to crying. Which triggers a rapid 20 questions from Di or me:

“Do you want uppie? Do you want a car? Do you want cheese? Do you want Star Wars guys? Do you want your bear? Do you want a second term for Obama? Or you want to eat sand? Do you want your shoes on? Do you want your shoes off? Do you want your brother to stop pushing you? Do you want to listen to Wu-Tang Clan? Do you want to stick our hand in the fireplace? Do you want a BB Gun? Do you want a haircut?”

Luca usually listens intensely to his choices over the sound of his own crying. When he hears something that matches his need at that second, he immediately stops crying and says his magic word.


There are definitely two sections to his pronunciation. He hits the “O” part with a delightful lilt. But he pronounces it as a “Ho!”

Then it’s time for the “Kay.” He says it with an accent that’s a mixture of Southern, Canadian and East Indian. He draws out the “Y” impossibly long. In fact, I think he’s still saying, “yyyyyy,” from his 7am yogurt request.

So for you keeping score, it’s “Ho-kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Yeah. Sorry readers. You have to be there.

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