Tuesday, August 31, 2010


At the park the other day, Diana was entertaining Luca while trying to keep an eye on the always busy Elijah. Suddenly she spotted him.

An unsuspecting man with an iphone sitting on a picnic table. Diana describes him as a young businessman who looked in desperate need of a break. Which is the least creepy reason he could be hanging out at a park in the middle of the day.

Elijah suddenly stopped in mid-play and cocked his head. He could smell the iphone from across the playground. The poor man just sat there, like a wounded gazelle.

Diana, knowing the game was on, just sat back and watched the scene unfold.

Slowly, deliberately, Elijah crept towards the businessman. He typed. Elijah crept. He typed. Elijah crept.

The man eventually looked up from his phone and found he was sitting next to a very precocious three year old.

Elijah asked, “Do you have the bird game?”

The man said, “Huh?”

“Do you have the Star Wars game?”

The man stared at his iphone and said, “I don’t have any games on my phone.”

I imagine to Elijah, this sounded like someone telling him The Man in The Yellow Hat wasn’t Curious George’s father.

I’m not exactly sure how the story ended. As far as I know, Elijah threw the man’s iphone into a drinking fountain in disgust. But I imagine Diana finally came over and saved the man from having to debate our son in the must have apps and let him go about his business.

p.s. Today’s photo isn’t from the park. We have no evidence that Elijah has actually been outside this summer.

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Poor Lucky Me said...

People who don't have games on their iPhones probably have dead prostitutes in their basements. It's just...unnatural.